Box 3 51618030 s              Each program is custom designed to fit your needs. 

Here is a brief outline of what to expect from the At Ease Coaching experience.


  • Discovery session to listen, learn and accurately hear the importance of your needs 
  • Success planning: develop your vision, discover your purpose, discover your passion
  • Strategic Planning: goal setting; get really clear about what you want and what you don’t want
  • Figure out what’s blocking you 
  • Practice mindfulness 
  • Develop an attitude of persistence 
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Create accountability


  • Discovery session for you to vocalize your thoughts and needs
  • Discovery session to explore your unique set of circumstances
  • Success planning: clarify your vision
  • Strategic planning: M.O.S.T. (mission, strategies, objectives, and tactics), clearly define action and solutions
  • Introduce principles and practices of transformational coaching
  • Training: interpersonal skills, communication skills, sales tools and techniques, emotional intelligence
  • Develop an attitude of persistence
  • Develop work/life balace strategies
  • Create accountabilty


  • Discovery session to listen and understand your needs for personal and professional growth 
  • Success planning: clarify your vision
  • Strategic planning: develop the coach within you, develop your leadership style, clearly define action
  • Training: interpersonal skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence, intuitive intelligence 
  • Discover the science behind “making a decision”
  • Develop an attitude of persistence
  • Develop work/life balance strategies
  • Create accountability


  1. Mastering You - Self Esteem, Self Concept, Self Belief
  2. Finding Love and Keeping Love
  3. Sales Tools and Techniques
  4. 3 Day Intense Workshop

Day One

Introduction to Workshop - 7pm-9pm (Friday)

What is your Operating System? All computers function within an operating system, be it Windows or Mac. Introduction to the human Operating System - Mindset. Your Mindset influences how you react and respond to others and events in your life.

Day Two

The Power of Choice - 9am-5pm (Saturday)

Is your Operating System or Mindset serving your current needs? Learn how to break free from your existing Mindset and be in control of your beliefs, habits, choices and  future decisions. Experience fun, hands-on activities. 

Day Three

The Power of Focus and Attention - 10-3 (Sunday)

Learn how to focus your attention - law of attraction. Learn tools to focus on yourself and your objectives. 

Style of Coaching

Open, conversational and interactive