About Us

About At Ease Coaching, Inc.

RockClimberIn rock climbing, the device that secures a rope is called an anchor. These ingenious devices are wedged into cracks and openings in the rock wall and can be removed later. They are temporary fixtures, but they are designed to hold a climber’s weight, even if the climber falls. A coach is like that anchor. This anchor-coach makes it possible for clients to take the risks they need to take in order to climb on in their own lives. It’s important that a client be able to depend on that anchor, know that it is real and solid, that it is reliable and will hold. A coach must be authentic so that a client can feel the honesty and integrity of who they are. The more a client trusts a coach, the more likely they are to swing out further in their own lives.

This is the embodiment of how we work at At Ease Coaching. We want you to feel empowered to make the intentional choices and move from being stuck to possibility and from possibility to action. There will always be unavoidable circumstances, but they don’t have to stop you from achieving fulfillment, freedom or creativity. You can succeed with a vision, a strategy and a plan.



About the Founder

Who we have been in the past does not define our present or our future. We are more than our physical bodies – more than our habits and our beliefs. If we can just start to change our internal conversation, we can start to positively change our lives.

The founder of At Ease Coaching, Zoe, envisioned a company dedicated to a place she calls home. It’s not an external place, but an internal place where the feeling of “ease” resides.” When you experience it, no matter who you are or what you do, you will never want to live your life any other way. Zoe has spent over 20 years studying, analyzing and learning what is behind this feeling of ease – where does it come from and how do you get it? It comes from knowing who you truly are and what you want. It comes when you learn how to manage your emotions, your focus and your vision. Releasing the brain from the day-to-day stress, the worry, the fear and the anxiety, opens up a space. Within this space, a fundamental shift takes place and the feeling of ease is created. The worry and the fear are replaced by a feeling of knowing – knowing for sure that the decisions you make are right for you.

A Personal Message From Zoe

What I love most about coaching is seeing that look on a client’s face when they finally “get it! That "aha" moment when they feel the shift. The joy that comes from those moments inspire me to want to do more. I never had a coach-like figure in my life, so I know first-hand how stressful it is to want and need help, but not know where to find it. I created At Ease Coaching for that reason – to be visible and easily accessible. I never want any individual, leader or entrepreneur to feel like they have to struggle on their own to find the answers. I struggled for far too long on my own, drifting along until I was awakened by a tragedy. I know that a coach would have given me that structure to build solutions instead of obstacles. The decisions I made during those times of not knowing, would have come from a good place. My advice on life is be curious, be genuine, be loving and make the decision to start.