Zoe has a way with words and her soft spoken voice relaxes her clients and allows them to receive her message. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, Zoe can help you to become a better version of yourself by realizing your full potential, which will in essence get you closer to your goals. It’s always about connecting to people. In our world, sometimes we forget that, and we lose connection. Zoe turns on the light, so we can see that connection that was always meant to be our primary focus.  — SHANNA STEIN


Marc thumbThis program made me take a closer look at myself and my business goals. Both short term and long term. You helped us implement things in our day to day to help us be more organized and to stay consistent. Consistency is the key as well as confidence in one self. You helped me realize that my employees respond to different things and must be motivated differently. I’ve also realized that I can be an effective leader by leading from behind. I am the anchor of this business and we all must work together to rise together to the top.  — MARC DeSIMONE

Zoe guided me when I was unsure about which direction to go in my career. Her coaching allowed the fog to lift and see a clear path for myself. She has this voice and wisdom that makes you want to just listen. I am so much happier now because of you. Thank you Zoe.  — OMAR RUFFIN


Just three months with Zoe has provided me with a skill set that will last for many years. i'm amazed at how at ease my life continues to feel, more than a year after working with her. — ABBIE JOSEPH


Zoe has a way of listening and understanding people that is truly a gift. The transformation I have experienced through working one on one with Zoe over the past six months has been truly transformational. When I came to At Ease I was stuck. Through Zoe’s coaching techniques I was able to figure out what was blocking me from moving forward, work through it together, and come out with a refreshed perspective on life. I would look forward to every session because Zoe’s patient way of listening to my concerns made me feel assured that things were going to be okay – she was the “strong rock” I needed. I knew Zoe’s coaching had worked when I reached a big goal I had set for myself that I had put off for many years. I feel as though I couldn’t have done it without At Ease Coaching. I know Zoe truly cares because she wants to be my coach for life and see me succeed. I recommend At Ease Coaching’s services for anyone who wants to elevate their thinking and finally make the things they’ve been waiting for happen!  — ALIA JUMAN


You were a big help to me when I lost my job. You helped me find my confidence and prepared me for my interviews. I couldn’t have done it without you! You’re a great listener and a wonderful person in and out!”  — SARA B